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An Accountant That Does It All

You won’t have to hire staff, spend time doing your books or overpay in taxes.


Low Level of complexity & simple tax planning for contractors & entrepreneurs.

$ 350-700 / Month
  • Year-Round Tax Planning
  • Active Bookkeeping & Reporting
  • Basic Payroll
  • Essential Coaching & Guidance
  • Business Tax Returns

Small Business

For small to medium sized teams with middle level operations.

$ 900-1500 / Month
  • Quarterly CFO Meeting
  • Mid Level Transactions & Accounts
  • Mid Levels of Tax schedules & complexity
  • Year-Round Tax Planning
  • Basic Payroll
  • Operationally more complex

Established Business

For larger teams and established companies.

$ 2000 - 5500 / Month
  • Staff Alternative
  • Larger employee force
  • Higher levels of accounts and transactions
  • In-depth CFO Meeting & reporting structure
  • Advanced tax planning & returns
  • High volumes of transactions, revenue & complexity

What's Included in our Outsourced Accounting Service

When you first start with us, we'll take your financials and get things cleaned up, caught up and lay a perfect foundation.

We will create a comprehensive tax reduction plan, uncovering every strategy possible and helping you implement what's needed to lower your taxes and never overpay again.

We'll ensure your books are always kept up to date and we'll bring ideas to help you save in taxes. We'll handle everything for you so you can work on your business.

We pay in your taxes throughout the year according to the tax plan, which eliminates year end surprises. Never overpay or build up a huge tax bill. Stay compliant and have peace of mind.

We provide CFO Level guidance that goes beyond simple bookkeeping. Whether it's discovering tax savings, planning for big purchases or other business decisions. We're here to optimize your capital and help you grow.

We'll make sure you know your numbers & equip your executive team with KPI's and reports that matter.

We'll take care of all tax filings - business & personal. With our pristine books - tax day will become a breeze.

We're available as your outsourced accountant whenever you have any questions via email or phone! Our regularly scheduled meetings will keep you up to speed on the numbers behind your business.

Save Staff Time & Avoid Hiring Unnecessary Admin Staff

We can potentially save you and your team up to 40 staff hours a week across your accounting department which really adds up! Businesses no longer have to utilize amateur admins for their bookkeeping or accounting needs, CTC provides professional, tax-conscious accounting service for less than a full-time accounting staff.


Get Your Business Taxes & Accounting Squared Away
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