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CTC Accounting & Tax is a firm based in Miami, FL. We work with time-starved entrepreneurs and business owners who need all of their accounting needs met with quality and personality.

We specialize in crypto and small business. At CTC, we love helping investors and creators in the space keep better track of their businesses while paying less in tax. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with more time & peace of mind to work on their businesses and scale while we care proactively for their books and taxes.

"Busy" Accountants Lead to Mistakes & Overpaid Tax

We’re highly engaged throughout the year to provide tax & accounting leadership. We’re focused, working exclusively with small businesses & entrepreneurs so we can deliver results. At CTC ACCOUNTING & TAX, we provide the leadership & service your business deserves.

We're Built Different Than Typical Tax & Accounting Firms

We don’t sit back and wait for tax season, we aggressively work throughout the year to pursue your best interests, helping you improve operations, save time, avoid risk & lower your taxes big time.


Get Your Business Taxes & Accounting Squared Away
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